Brows define the face.

There’s no denying the difference eyebrows make to your overall appearance.  They can really help to accentuate your features and give you an overall confidence boost.

Whether you have little or no hair or  you are looking for a slight shape adjust there’s a brow style for you.

Nicole offers a range of styles to suit all skin tones and face shapes.

Hair Stroke Brows – small lines are tattooed to simulate little hairs to give an overall very natural effect.

Powder Brow – a more dense brow tattooed to provide a fuller look.  Can provide a soft or heavier effect depending on client preference.

Ombre Brows – a powder effect brow with slightly lighter fronts and tops giving a soft natural finish.

Combination brows – combining hair strokes and shading for the ultimate natural brow.

Brow styles are dependant on your skins condition.  This will be assessed on the day of your appointment.